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27 October 2009 @ 09:15 am
it's been a while ne!!!!!!!!!!

i've made a few ringtones for all hsj's fans out there........ and i want to share them with you......

DouzoCollapse )
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so, i can't sleep and i' still trying to overcome this weird feelings!!!!!! and, just what is wrong with MF anyway?????? i just wanted to upload the magz that i have in my pendrive, and somehow, MF is just not going to work....

yeah!!! i have good news.... now, i;m working on the magz (and the gifs of course)....... i just wanted to share all my JE things around the whole world....... how i wish MF is OK right now......... fuhhhhh~  i'm still praying so that MF will work!!!!!! wee~
okay, still not working.......

now, i'm going to pass this laptop to my little brother since he is threatening me...... he is going to ell my mom about Duet and Wink Up if i'm still not going to pass the laptop to him!!!!

jaa~ itekimasu!!!!

we can try, fly high!!!!!~
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01 September 2009 @ 02:36 pm
i had a really bad dream last night.... it was a very strange dream.... u see, i was waiting for the johnny's magz that i asked my friend to buy and the magz didn't turn out to be the magz that i ordered.... it was like, sort of newspaper instead.... uwa~ i was scared so i suddenly woke up at 2.20 p.m............. i can't sleep because i have these butterflies flapping their wings as hard as they could in my stomach.... i've been waiting for the magz for ages!!!!!

this morning, after getting ready for my school bus, i pray really hard that i think i have read a book for my prayer..... i really wish that i could get the magz today, 1st september 2009!!!! i really don't care what the teacher asked me to do or whatsoever it is!!!! the most important thing is, i will get the magz....... i've asked my friend to not to bring the magz to school as our class always being spotcheck by the teachers..... so, i've asked her to put the magz in her car and we will get the magz after school....

whenever me and my friend, discuss about the magz, i will scream at the top of my voice because i'm over excited.... while my classmates will jum in horror saying ssshhhhhh, keep quiet, or whatever they want to say!!!!!  after the bellring, i dashed out of my class to run to her mother's car...... but she kept on torturing me such as walking veeeerrryyyyy slowly...... so i yelled at her so loud that i think that the entire block can hear me........ demo sa~ after we reached the carpark, she was like are???? where's my mother????? at that time, i really feel like crying and jumping and screaming, and laughing and everything!!!!!!! so, i told my other friend, esther, i think i'm gonna die and she laughed like crazy... they are mean!!!!!!!!! so i'm waiting for the magz tomorrow (again).... i don't know whether i can sleep tonight or not!!!!! uwa~ T.T

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31 August 2009 @ 11:40 am
uwa~ i'm still waiting for my magz from my friend..... she went to KL lat week cause we're on holiday... and i have asked to buy me 2 magz... (i'll pay her of course)..... i really can't wait.... i have all sorts of feeling right now... i hope she will give me the magz tomorrow.... agh!!! can't wait.... RM67!!!! that's really not cheap n i'm sure will be killed by my okaasan if she finds out.... after paying for the magz, i will only have RM3 left in my wallet..... hayaku GIVE me the magz!!!! i really can't stand this!!!!!!! next time, i will try to buy the magz online.... i wonder if my parents will let me??? i hope they will~

u know, hmv online??? i will try to buy magz from that site but not sure how much will they ask for the shipping cost..... i really hope it's free(muri desu!!)..... foer those (in malaysia) who have bought myojo, duet, wink up, etc.... please tell me the shipping cost~ onegaishimasu!!! but first, i have to do well in  my next trial exam first.... or else, i won't be living in this beautiful, magical world AGAIN!!!!!!

from Hitomi no Naka no Galaxy PV

i really like the PV!!!! nino is so cute.....

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02 August 2009 @ 11:56 am
this is the first time i know that malaysia has such cm...
shame on me....
ishould watch tv more....

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02 August 2009 @ 11:48 am
chinese new year is aroun thecorner....
the teacher as the students draw what does the reunion dinner mean to them....
the boy is an orphan, so he draws nothing....

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02 August 2009 @ 11:35 am
cute cm....
children are innocent...
this is a cm which tells you about the different races in Malaysia...
how they don't care their skin or hair colour...
tan hong ming, a cinese boy likes umi, who is a malay girl... he tries to keep it a secret and doesn't want the world world to know...
haha~  funny and cute cm it is......
they speaks in english, so it is easy to understand....

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This August bring summer's best meteor shower and an opportunity to see mysterious clouds on the fringes of Earth's atmosphere.


Noctilucent Clouds Reported

Reports are streaming in (July 2009) from northern Europe and North America of the electric blue clouds known as noctilucent clouds. Noctilucent clouds are a rare phenomenon that most often occurs in summer months. The clouds are a beautiful and elusive sight that is only visible a little after sunset or a little before sunrise. Noctilucent clouds may also be a sign of global warming..

The Moon for August 2009

August's full moon occurs on the 5th at 8:55 pm EDT. The next night, August 6, the moon appears close to sparkling Jupiter. New moon is on August 20. This month, the first visible crescent after new moon will mark the start of Ramadan. Most observers in the United States will see this crescent on August 21. On the 23rd, the moon appears to the lower right of Spica, and on August 26 and 27 the moon will pass Antares.

Perseid Meteor Shower

Summer's best meteor shower is the Perseids, which appear to come from the constellation Perseus. Although Perseid meteors can be seen from July 25 to August 18, the shower peaks around August 12. The comet Swift-Tuttle left behind the dusty debris that is responsible for the shower, which can reach 80 meteors an hour at maximum.

Jupiter and Saturn in August

Jupiter is a great observing target for the entire month. The planet reaches opposition on August 14, when it rises at sunset and sets at sunrise, appearing opposite the sun. A good pair of binoculars or a modest telescope will show four points of light circling the planet over the course of the night. These are the Galilean moons, Jupiter's largest satellites. Sometimes not all moons can be seen because they are transiting in front of or passing behind the giant planet. Jupiter is the brightest point of light in the evening sky.

this is adapted from stargazing.suite101.com/article.cfm/the_night_sky_for_august_2009
27 July 2009 @ 10:00 pm
this morning, our Science teacher, whom i called 'Dolores Umbridge' (adapted from Harry Potter And The Order Of Phoenix) taught us about the Galaxies.............

then, she talked about what causes the Aurora and so on... i love them, especially Aurora... i've always dreamed to call my daughter the name 'Aurora' ....... i have downloaded pictures of Aurora from the internet... they are fantastic..... beautiful....

The aurora borealis or northern lights in alaska...

Aurora Borealis

green and black aurora in norway

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27 July 2009 @ 07:41 pm
Oh my God!!!!
i'm having a bad day here.... this morning, my history techer told me hat she is going to check our notes and exercise books tomorrow.... i barely do the notes  you see.... she is goig to check chapter 7 tomorrow and i haven't finished chapter 6.... doushiyou???

ooohhhh~ have you watched Othros no Inu???
sugoi~ hikaru is very kawaii and kakkoi....
i've just got this gif from heysayheisei..... hikaru beats ryo......

i really admire hikaru....
why??? cause he beats ryo.... hee...hee..
i always don't have the 'fan - idol - love' feelings towards ryo.....

bad flu......
im sneezing non - stop..........
same goes to my big brother....
hope i don't get better tomorrow...
lazy to go to school.................

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