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JE Freak alert!!!!

25 January 1990
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-first, i'm going to tell u bout me....
i'm 15 and i'm from Malaysia... i study in this very strict school which u can't have ur hair standing up, long sideburns or coloured .....u must tuck in ur shirt 24 hours a day, no couple-ing, white shoes, white socks and so on.... FINISHED
-Now, it's time for my 'history of fangirling' yea....
i first know johnny's when i was 9(2003) and i was like: oh! the kids r singing and my first admired person was YABU!!!!... the fangirling went on for about an hour or so cus i'm 2 small to be addicted to them... 2 years later(2005),i saw yuto and then i learned about johnny's... i watch dramas, tv show, sc and so on... and now i'm a die hard fan of HSJ especially chi~, inoo, morimo-chan and yabu....i'm also a fan of kisumai, abc-z, shintaro, uekusa, taiga, nakaken and a lot or other jrs..... ano sa~ i want to make friends all over the world.... dakara, you can MSN me if you want..... Jaa~

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